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Whether ist is a moderate renovation, or a multi-million dollar medical facility, Stroud and Company can help you in developing your next building budget.

Saving money is at the top of everybody's mind these days - especially when considering a construction project.  Stroud and Company understands the importance of building a comprehensive building budget that incorporates the owner's desires while keeping thier financial limits in mind.

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Site Evaluations

Are you considering the construction of a new facility, but are unsure which site is best suited for your new building?

When considering a building site, any realtor will tell you, the three most importat things to consider are:  LOCATION - LOCATION - LOCATION!

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Pre-Engineered Buildings


Could your new project benefit from a pre-engineered building?  Possibly!

Stroud and Company is a Butler Manufacturing dealer.  Butler Manufacturing is the premier provider of pre-engineered building systems.  Our status as the senior Butler distributor in Middle Georgia provides us direct access to all Butler products.  Eliminating the “middleman” from this process insures that the structural steel and related sheeting is received in a timely fashion and at an economical price.  Stroud and Company has been a Butler Builder since 1996.  Our relationship with Butler guarantees that your project receive the highest priority and that our staff is experienced with the various pre-engineered components.

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Design Build Services

Over 70% of our building projects have been delivered via design builld construction methods.  Our 20+ years of experience in tis field allows us to provide invaluable assistance in the preliminary stages of the project.  Working with the owner's architect or any one of several registered architects with whom we have relationships, numerous pre-construction issues can be evaluzted.  These include:  review of building code requirements, development of program guides, preparing conceptual drawings, perforing budget evaluations and preparation of presentations and marketing aids.

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Build to Suit / Lease


Has your dream of building a new facility remain unfulfilled due to the bank's tough lending regulations?  Stroud and Company may be able to make your dream a reality by taking advantage of our Build to Suit/Lease service.

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Green Building

Green or Sustainable Building practices can substantially reduce or eliminate negative environmental impacts and improve existing unsustainable design, construction and operational practices.    A Green Building minimizes the use of water, raw materials and energy, thus reducing operating costs, enhances building marketability, increases worker productivity and reduces potential liability resulting from indoor air quality problems.

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