Let us help you with your construction needs


Whether ist is a moderate renovation, or a multi-million dollar medical facility, Stroud and Company can help you in developing your next building budget.

Saving money is at the top of everybody's mind these days - especially when considering a construction project.  Stroud and Company understands the importance of building a comprehensive building budget that incorporates the owner's desires while keeping thier financial limits in mind.


How can Stroud and Company assist your with your budgeting needs?

The first step is determing the needs of our client.  Through meeting with the project's owner, Stroud and Company develops a Program Guide that includes information such as space requirements, which becomes the basis for the architectural drawings

Once final architecutral and civil drawings are complete, Stroud and Company will solicit several bids for all aspects of the project.  The bidders are competent, qualified and if applicable, licensed subcontractors that have a history of performing to the high standards set by Stroud and Company.

When we present the building budget to our client, value-engineering (money saving) options are provided as well.  By offering our clients ways to save money in the early stages of the project, the money saving changes can be incorporated into the design prior to contract being written and prior to submitting the plans for permitting.

So, if you already have completed building plans, or just have na idea of your perfect facilty, contact Stroud and Company today and let us assit you in buikdling a budget to suit your individual needs!

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