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Design Build Services

Over 70% of our building projects have been delivered via design builld construction methods.  Our 20+ years of experience in tis field allows us to provide invaluable assistance in the preliminary stages of the project.  Working with the owner's architect or any one of several registered architects with whom we have relationships, numerous pre-construction issues can be evaluzted.  These include:  review of building code requirements, development of program guides, preparing conceptual drawings, perforing budget evaluations and preparation of presentations and marketing aids.

There are several reasons to utilize design build construction.  Following are just a few:

Single Source Responsibility

Teaming with Stroud and Company gives you a single point of contact for all your  facility needs.  Stroud and Company can combine design and build functions by working directly withthe project design team to maximize communication, minimize confusion and put your entire project on the fast track to completion.  Developing these relationships during the initail planning pahse of the project encourages open communication and continuity throughout the building process.

design-buildProject Cost Established Sooner

With design build, your project budget will be established much sooner.  Utilizing schematic drawings to develop preliminary budgets insures that the design path chosen will be consistent  with your budget.  This reduces the potential for investing resources in pursuing unfeasible options.

More Innovative Solutions

Our experience with design build construction allow us to propose innovative solutions to your design and budget challenges.  We work with the design professionals and other memebers of the project team to evaluate multiple options to meet your needs.

Efficient Use of Resources

Time is money.  Utilizing design build methods allows you to pursue the design and construction of your project in the most efficient manner possible.  Avoiding costly redesign due to budget constracints and evaluating multiple construction options allows you to occupy your new facility sooner and more economically.

Owner Input

The owner has more at stake in the success of the project than any other member of the design build team.  Your ideas, concerns and experience with your business model is the most valuable design information available.  Stroud and Company maintains an active dialogue with the owner to insure that all needs and concerns of the owner are addressed.  We facilitate a consistent schedule of regular team meetings and follow this with written communciation.  This information is distributed to all involved parties.  This process is maintained from the incpetion of the project until the completion of construction.

Design build construction is simply the fastest, most cost-effective building process you can use.

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